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Connect with IT leaders spearheading value-driven intelligent automation implementations


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Most organisations know that Intelligent Automation is critical to driving productivity, CX and long-term success. Early investment has focused on quick wins, built in-house with demonstrable ROI, but many organisations have struggled to achieve a higher level of automation that integrates with existing systems and processes to provide intelligent workflows and efficiency gains.


The FutureFlow Summit offers IT vendors the opportunity to engage with business and IT leaders seeking automation solutions. It is not a platform for pitching products; this is not a venue for mere product pitches; rather, it's a strategic space where your solutions undergo nuanced discussions and deep analysis with leaders in business and automation.


Over two-days, attendees will connect and exchange ideas, best-practices and cutting-edge solutions with thought leaders, leading case studies, their peers, and vendors at the forefront of Intelligent Automation.


Here, value isn't just showcased – it’s proven, shared, and gets applied.

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Top priorities for attendees include:​

  • Scoping the full potential of Intelligent Automation to set realistic goals

  • Gaining the insights required to launch advanced automation projects with demonstrable ROI

  • Implementing scalable architectures and building resilient systems

  • Building strong foundations for successful implementations and future-proof investments

  • Utilising AI and machine learning to streamline operations and internal processes

  • Transforming work and CX with AI and Intelligent Automation

  • Understanding future trends in Intelligent Automation and AI

  • Building workforces and cultures to drive productivity and more meaningful work

Past Sponsors Include...

(Aventedge Specialised IT Events)

Who will attend?

  • Heads of Intelligent Automation

  • Heads of RPA

  • Heads of Digital Transformation

  • Heads of Operational Excellence/Process Excellence

  • Heads of AI & ML

  • CIOs/CTOs

  • Heads of Data Sciences/Chief Data Officer

The event is cross-industry, but most attendees will come from the following industries...

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

  • Retail and e-Commerce

  • Healthcare and Pharma

  • Public Sector

  • Telecommunications

  • Energy and Utilities

  • Mining, Oil & Gas

  • Manufacturing

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